For the lovers,
and those they love most.

If you’re a hopeless romantic who’s not afraid to show a little PDA...

If you have next-level taste combined with belief that it all works out...

If you want your legacy documented in a way that brings you back...

If you wholeheartedly believe your people made you who you are and you want them there every step of the way as you walk into marriage...

discover my approach

the truest of art is rooted in honesty.

Then I want to be the photographer who preserves the emotion of your day through honest documentation and gives you a tangible reminder of what this season felt and looked like.

art made of moments that matter to you.

fort worth


ava + carson




Sami + Drew


fort worth




Ava + Carson

"She is the most lovely person to be around. In the chaos of our wedding day, she was a source of encouragement and calmness for us. Genuinely, Bailee made our vision come to life and seamlessly got us where we needed to be the entire day. You should DEFINITELY hire her!"


katie + kelly

"Working with Bailee feels like working with a dear friend, and she made everyone in our big family feel so included. Bailee captured such sweet moments that we will treasure forever in the most wonderful ART. We will cherish the photos of this covenant for the rest of our lives!”

Encouraging, detail-oriented, and on top of it.

Erica + Jamie

"Bailee is simply the easiest person to be around. She is professional and a fun friend all in one. She made my wedding day feel as though one of my guests were holding a camera all day long. She gave my husband and I so much time to just be in the presence of one another and present on the day, which is exactly what we wanted."

A dream of a photographer.


I’m here for the lovers, because I’m a lover, too.

Oh yeah, hi.

"Perfect" anything lacks real emotion. “Perfect” is boring and predictable. I don’t want perfect. I want the raw, honest, and emotional layers of you.

I’m a rooted-in-honesty wedding photographer based in Fort Worth, Texas, with a majority of couples inviting me to Austin and NYC.

Since 2017, I’ve shot somewhere around 200+ weddings and I’ve developed a signature style that marries the realness of documentary photography with the feel of editorial.

The first time I was told my photos were “freaking art,” I thought I could die happy right there.

In addition to my love for love, I’m unashamedly passionate about those tiny moments that add real meaning to it all. I think life is told in accomplishments and arrivals, but I think life is shown, remembered, and felt in the in-between.

Your history.

The truth is, I fall in love easily. I'm a hopeless romantic who will cry at the simplest things. I eagerly seek out and take note of moments and things that light me up. I believe it's never too early to say I love you. I believe in deep connections and the archival of little moments that make up a lifetime.

As Daniel Kim says, “I believe you should never be a strange tourist of your own memories.”

Getting to see the result of fully dropping into a wedding day free of expectations and full of emotion is ecstasy. NOTHING compares to the feeling of knowing wholeheartedly that I have accurately and artfully documented history.

While you can find most photographers “chasing light,” I’ll be focused on chasing the depth of your connection.

Here’s the deal: I’m unapologetically close with my family myself. That means I know exactly how to showcase your most life-defining relationships in their most honest, heart-swelling state.

That means your marriage as it unfolds on your wedding day. That's why you're here.

But it would be a disservice to stop there. I truly get the weight in archiving all of the moments that make up your lifetime, specifically in this season. And I can’t wait to turn those moments into tangible art you can melt over for decades.

The in-between of my
daily life looks like...

dig in and get to know me

you know, prioritizing the moments that really make life so very fun.

reading predictable rom-com novels

facetiming my family, just to say hello

listening to The popcast on my walks in the sun

turning our new house into a very cozy home

eating delicious food as often as I can

Home is where the lovers are

CAPTURING IN fort worth, Austin, and beyond

My home base for weddings is split between Fort Worth, Texas and Austin, Texas. I’m also more than willing to travel for the right-fit couple to select destinations like New York, out West, or Europe.

I’m not a fan of boxes.

I personally vow not to put your wedding in a box. And I also promised myself not to put my own art into a box of a particular location.

I believe art can unfold anywhere love is found.

Whether your wedding is in my favorite city in the world (Florence, Italy) or on your own personal slice of heaven (like my family’s house on Lake Travis), it would be my joy to honor your story in a way that’s completely you.

reach out about your day

I've heard this specific sentence more times than I can count, and if I could only hear ONE raving set of words from my couples and their families for the rest of my life, this one would do it for me. It’s an honor to capture the obvious moments and the typically unnoticed moments of a wedding season. I can’t wait to see what unfolds for yours.

let's turn your meaningful moments of connection into ART that is  so  unbelievably  you.

"it feels like you're a part of the family! "

words     of           affirmation      bring tears   to    my  eyes

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