Being in a world that is full of love, new friendships and constant celebrations is the best. I get to witness the real, honest, true love between two people who are crazy about each other. I feel so lucky.

I’m here to capture your connection for what it really is: passionate, playful, and true. I’m not about the perfectly posed, unrealistic version of love. I’m about telling your story in a way that authentically reflects and feels like you. This is your legacy and I want you to be able to reflect on this season for decades to come. At the end of the day, what matters most is feeling closer to each other than you did before.

Let’s do this. I’m here for you. However your love looks, I’m already celebrating you. We’re in this together, so I’ll tell you a little bit about me first! 

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Truthful storyteller and professional third wheel living in texas.

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my family is my everything! i'm obsessed with them.

I have three younger sisters, who are undoubtedly cooler than me. My mom and dad are best friends. They run a business together, work out together, raise a family together, and are so happily married after 26 years. They are the reason I believe in playful, passionate, real love. I’ve witnessed it my whole life.

i've lived in texas my whole life. i love it here.

I even have a (kinda regretful) tattoo of the state of Texas. Feel free to ask me about that story later. I currently live in Fort Worth, but recently moved out of College Station. It’s truly one of my favorite places because I grew up so much there, and it’s where I fell back in love with photography and storytelling.


personality tests are so fun to me.

I am a 7w8 on the enneagram. Yes, I love buying spontaneous plane tickets and planning the rest later ;) My love language is quality time, hands down. Simply being with my people is SO life giving. I’m also an extravert, if you haven’t guessed.


humanitarian photography has captivated my heart. 

A part of my love for truthful storytelling was birthed out of the reality of being able to share the Gospel through photographs and being a voice for the voiceless. My absolute favorite trips I have been on so far have been with Mission of Hope: Haiti. I could share stories for hours about the joyful kids and their families.


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These things are SO fun. I typically always have at least one of them in my bag while traveling and one in my car for everyday life. The process of having to wait for development forces me to slow down and enjoy the moment for what it is.

kodak disposable cameras

If I could chase summer around the world, I would. I can’t get enough of warm (hot) weather and the feeling of being slightly fried by the sun. Give me all the tropical vacations ;)

sunshine and summertime

Walking through my neighborhood, with or without headphones, has quickly become a favorite activity of mine. Taking in the little joys I typically just drive by without even recognizing. Being forced to slow down is a sweet gift.

a solo walk

obsessed with

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