This is about the real stories.
This is about creating portraits that dive deep beyond the surface.
This is about celebrating the real and the raw moments.
This is about telling your story for generations to come.
This is about truthful storytelling with honest imagery.
This is about the real stuff. That's it.
Let’s do this. I’m here for you. However that looks, I’m already celebrating with you.



Basically a really fun double date with me and my camera. This isn’t just an hour of you standing there copying poses we found online. I want this to be more than that for you. Whether it’s to celebrate a specific season or just because, I want this to be a way for you to connect with each other!

starting at $500

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Whether it’s an intimate ceremony with 20 guests or a huge party with 200+ guests, I believe in the importance of telling a truthful story and celebrating the moments and the people who matter most. This day and this weekend is all about what you make it, and I’m here to document the celebration on a deeper level. Whether it’s an 8 hour celebration in Texas or a 3 day event in Jamaica, I’ll never just be a fly on the wall. I’m ready to be on the dance floor and celebrate with you and your people!

starting at $4500

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This is where all the fun began for me! Seriously. With over 100 portrait sessions completed, I have fallen in love with the process of getting to know someone through creating images to tell their story.

You know the feeling of Saturday afternoon with your favorite people? Just hanging out, naturally having fun together? That’s how I want this to feel. Bring a friend or two, your favorite drink, and let’s create together. It’ll be fun.

starting at $500

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My love for truthful storytelling and honest imagery was birthed out of this reality that photos can tell a story much greater than you or I. After working with ministries from Passion City Church to Mission of Hope: Haiti, as well as a few others, I know photos can be used to share the Gospel, be a light to the harsh realities around the world, and be a voice for the voiceless.

Whether you want to send me overseas or bring me into your offices to help build a campaign, I’m in. Each project and organization is different, so I will build a custom quote to fit your wants, your dreams, and your budget.

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